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First to supply Gas Immersed Transformer for SA Market

Hansen + Genwest are proud to be the FIRST in South Africa to locally design, manufacture and supply a Gas Immersed Transformer. The first 3 transformers each continuously rated 2500kVA, with 11000V primary winding at 2500kVA and dual secondary windings i.e. 1000V and 3300V each at 1250kVA respectively were supplied.

A unit comprises of flameproof medium voltage enclosure, class “p” protected hermetically sealed transformer enclosure, 2 individual flameproof low voltage enclosures, 1000V and 3300V NER enclosures, fully protected Gas system and trailer.

The transformer is designed and type tested to comply with relevant IEC Standards for use in flameproof areas, GROUP 1 atmospheres.

Going forward Hansen + Genwest will continue with transformers that have stood the test of time, as well as the customised products and services that made us a leader in our field. But we also focus our efforts on broadening our horizons and introducing more new and unique products for different mining sectors on the same level of quality that our customers have become accustomed to.


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