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Hansen + Genwest new Foil Winding Machine

Hansen + Genwest recently purchased an economical, effective, cutting edge technology and international quality foil winding machine.

With increased demand of bigger transformers and height restrictions in the industry, it becomes more and more difficult, time consuming and almost impractical to wind transformer low voltage windings with parallel conductors because:

  • WIDE PARALLELING: Difficult to bring out leads for connections and possibly increase the height of the coil.
  • DEEP PARALLELING: Increases the overall diameter of the coil thus making it difficult to achieve lower Impedances, also increases the overall width and length of the transformer.
  • TOTAL PARALLELING: Complex wire cross-over is difficult to produce if there are too many parallel conductors.
  • LEADS BENDING: Takes too long to prepare and bend start and end leads of the coils as each conductor is individually bent and insulated.

This low voltage foil winding machine is a cost effective, high productivity efficient, latest technology and user friendly winding machine. The machine will increase quality, speed up the manufacturing process, eliminate/reduce chances of transformer failure during testing and increase winding efficiency.


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