Dry Type Transformers

Key Features

✓  Hansen + Genwest dry type transformers rating vary from 20kVA up to 5MVA, with the primary voltage up to 22kV and secondary voltage up to 11kV.

The transformers offer a wide range of flexibility, without compromising safety and reliability.

✓  The standard transformer comprises of the following:

M.V ENCLOSURE: Provided with switchgear and Arc obsorber with switchgear as per customers requirement

L.V. ENCLOSURE: Fully protected incomer circuit. Outgoing circuits as per customer requirements.

The transformers are IP65 rated and manufactured from substantial mild steel, suitable for underground or surface environment.

TRANSPORTER: Skid base, trailer or free standing.


Range/Rating 20kVA up to 5MVA, 3 phase, 50Hz.
Primary Voltage Up to 22000V, single or dual voltage
Secondary Voltage Up to 11000V, single or dual voltage
Tapping Arrangement Bolted links, (NOM, +-2.5%, +-5%), or as per customer requirements
Vector Group Dyn11 or as per customer requirements
Cooling Method ANAN
Windings Copper wound with Pt100 temperature sensors
Insulation Up to Class C, 220 degrees
Duty Cycle Continuous
Transporter Skid base, trailer or free standing
Atmosphere Underground or surface
Standards IEC/SANS 60076/1-5/8/11/12 (Various type tested transformers are available)

Excellence skills & Quality work

Hansen + Genwest  provides a 24/7 service
for breakdowns, installations, commissioning
and maintenance. 

Our Products and Services

Hansen + Genwest will continue with dry type transformers that have stood the test of time, as well as the customised products and services that makes us a leader in our field. We will also focus our efforts on introducing new and unique products as the market dictates.

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