HAUHINCO Pumps (Agency)

High Pressure Pump Stations

Hauhinco High Pressure Systems for Longwall hydraulics include EHP-3K or EHP-5K.

High Pressure Pumps with
Electric motors
Emulsion tanks
High-Pressure and return filters
Hydraulic accumulators
Control modules

Measurement instruments such as
Flow meters and
Provision for data transfer and visualization

Excellence skills & Quality work

Hansen + Genwest  provides a 24/7 service
for breakdowns, installations, commissioning
and maintenance. 

Our Products and Services

Hansen + Genwest will continue with dry type transformers that have stood the test of time, as well as the customised products and services that makes us a leader in our field. We will also focus our efforts on introducing new and unique products as the market dictates.

Flameproof Transformer 1
Flameproof Power Pack
Dry Type Transformers
Mobile Substation
Flame Proof Gate End Boxes
Air Reliant Compressors
HAUHINCO Pumps (Agency)